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Laser treatment of ingrown toenails

Laserbehandlung eingewachsener Zehennagel Arzt Vorbereitung

Preparation for a laser treatment

Laser treatment: development


Our laser treatment for ingrown toenail was first introduced in our surgical practice 23 years ago, at that time still in our outpatient surgery center in Bad Vilbel,  carried out and continued in the following years improvedBis today we have about 13.000 successful treatments carried out on patients from all over Germany. We have specialized entirely in this form of treatment for 6 years and carry out laser treatment on ingrown toenails every day. 

The Laser method: description

Lasermethode Beschreibung

First, the affected toe is numbed locally and gently. After a scalpel-free part of the nail is removed from the side, the outer part of the nail root is removed with laser pulses of approx. 0.1 mm using a pulsed CO2 laser. The precise, pinpoint operation takes place under the skin, is therefore incision-free (and scalpel-free) and does not require any major tissue removal as in the Emmert incision operation. The healing process can be significantly shortened due to the freedom from incisions and the minimally invasive procedure. The patients also describe significantly fewer postoperative complaints. 

eingewachsener Zeh vorher und nachher Laserbehandlung Ergebnis

right before the laser treatment

immediately after the laser treatment


The Laser method: chances of success

Destination der Laser treatment on the ingrown nail is to achieve permanent freedom from symptoms. If the nail has been permanently narrowed by the laser, it is extremely rare for the nail root parts to grow back again. In the past decades we have been able to achieve a high level of sustainability  observed in our patients after laser treatment. In about 95% of all treatments, a permanent freedom from symptoms was achieved. In about 5% of the cases developed, for example by pre-existing Diseases or improper follow-up treatment, wound healing disorders with longer healing processes. In comparison: The recurrence rate with the common Emmert plastic (cut operation) is about 30-40%, here you can see nail spurs more often.

The Laser method: costs

Lasermethode Kosten

The cost of a laser treatment depends on the number of sides of the toe to be treated and the findings. We would be happy to create one for you individual cost estimate after receiving a picture of the affected toes. The treatment is usually not covered by statutory health insurance and is therefore a self-payer service. Almost all private health insurance companies cover the costs of the treatment. However, we generally recommend that you contact your health insurance company in advance after receiving the cost estimate.

Laserbehandlung Arzt eingewachsener Zehennagel Alternative

Comparison of surgical methods for ingrown toenails

Vergleich der Operationsmethoden

The conventional surgical method for ingrown toenails is cutting surgery with a scalpel (Emmert Plastik). It was first performed in 1850. Our laser treatment provides the gentle, minimally invasive Alternative to the Emmert plastic. With our painless laser treatment no cut the skin. We can desolate the nail root cells under the skin in a targeted manner without threads and scarring.


Ergebnis Zehennagel Laser Erfahrung

immediately after the laser treatment

Emmert Plastik

right after the cutting operation
(Emmert plastic)

Conventional cutting surgery


pain for a long time after surgery

Healing success at approx. 60-70%

residual scar

closed with sutures / threads

Foot must be elevated

regular dressing changes

longer healing time due to skin incision

longer incapacity for work

Nail noticeably narrowed

Our laser treatment

no / hardly any pain after intervention

healing success at ca. 95%

no scar

no threads

Foot can be loaded immediately

plaster sufficient

short healing process

quick working ability

nice cosmetic result

Laser treatment of ingrown toenails: before and after pictures

Bilder vorher nacher
Bilder vorher nachher


AFTER  (final result)

vorher nachher Laser eingewachsener Zehennagel OP

example 1

Vorher nachher Endergebnis Laser eingewachsener Zehennagel


AFTER  (final result)

example 2

Laser treatment: make an appointment

To make an appointment for a laser treatment in our practice, please fill out belowcontact formand send us ein Current  Photo of your toe. We consult with our doctors whether we generally perform laser treatment on you can and then create all laser documents including cost estimate. 



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