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laserdoc The specialists in ingrown toenails

Why to us?

23 years ago, our laser surgery on an ingrown toenail was developed by Dr. med. Ruegenberg and so far over 14.000 laser treatments have been successfully performed in our medical practice. We have specialized entirely in this treatment and the very positive reviews of our patients on platforms like Jameda and Google prove the success of our method.

laserdoc Our treatments


Laser treatment
ingrown toenail


Our specialist team routinely carries out laser surgery on ingrown toenails every day. Our scalpel-free, low-pain laser treatment is the alternative to the conventional incision operation, the Emmert Plastic.

Laser treatment

with previously operated toenails


Some of our patients have already had unsuccessful operations for ingrown toenails using the classic incision method. With our laser technology, we can remove remaining nail and root residues in a targeted manner in order to achieve permanent freedom from symptoms.

Treatment at strong

toenail inflammation


In the case of a severe inflammation of the toenail with escaping wound fluid and so-called granulation tissue, there is a need for immediate action. Here, a preparatory intervention, a so-called nail part removal, can quickly alleviate the symptoms. 

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